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“Reverberates through the body...”

“her cohort of Girlfriends, rounded out by Katerina Burton and soprano Ariana Wehr, were responsible for some of the most impressive ensemble pieces.”

The Washington Post [view full review]


Richard Tucker Foundation Announces Career & Study Grants

"the Sara Tucker Study Grant was awarded to Katerina Burton, Blake Denson, Stefan Egerstrom, Jonah Hoskins, Brittany Logan, Luke Sutliff, and Elena Villalón. The selected recipients will receive unrestricted grants of $5,000 each. Study Grant recipients typically are in the transition from student to professional singer, and should have recently completed a graduate degree program or work in a young artist or Apprentice program at a regional company."


“...Katerina Burton is a standout"

St. Louis Today [view full review]

“We cannot wait to see how Juilliard will polish this particular gem”

Voche di Meche [view full review]


“Katerina Burton also dazzled as one of the two soprano voices in ‘Magnificat’, her voice rich and bright."

The Washington Post [view full review]

 “En Las Auténticas, las sopranos Marlen Nahas (Luz) y Katerina Burton (Jenny) lucieron profesionalidad y sólidas voces."

Opera Actual [view full review]


“Burton’s voice was rich and warm..."

Opera Wire [view full review]

“Katerina Burton sang with richness and feeling...”

Gay City News [view full review]

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